Artists Statement

I paint to convey my feelings, thoughts, and emotions and to record and share how I see the world and humanity. I wish to inspire and be inspired. I use theme, composition, color, line, to express myself. Sometimes I wish to comment on human nature, sometimes my view on politics, and sometimes psychology. I try to let my views and feeling come through whatever my subject matter is.


Darryl LaVare was born Darryl Goldsmith and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She became interested in the arts from an early age and an inspiring high school art teacher entered her work in contests. After her Junior year, she won a full scholarship to the pre-college program at The Rhode Island School of Design. She loved it and knew she would try to attend college there. She did attend RISD and graduated in 1990 with a BFA in painting. She did internships at The Gracie Mansion Gallery and The Pace Gallery and was an artists assistant to Donald Baechler. She worked at The Guggenheim Museum while painting and living on The Lower East Side. She met many artists, film makers, musicians, and political activists that she collaborated with and socialized with appearing in such films as Nick Zedd’s Ecstasy In Entropy, Why So You Exist, and I of Canine just to name a few. She met and later married her now husband, filmaker Scot-Free and has two daughters, Justine and Jane. They live in New York City and Darryl paints and exhibits her work and teaches a painting class and a mural class to children.


Individual Shows:

The Museum of Motherhood-New York, NY 2011
The Tasting Room- New York, NY 2003
Niagra- New York, NY 2001
Limelight- New York, NY 1993
Museum Café’- New York, NY 1993
USA- New York, NY 1992
Danceteria- New York, NY 1992
Limelight- New York, NY 1991

Group Shows:

Continuum-New York, NY 2013
Jonathan O’Hara Gallery- New York, NY Benefit for Coney Island USA 2010
Sideshow By The Seashore- Brooklyn, NY Benefit for Coney Island USA 2009
Supreme Trading : Metropolis Apocalypse- Brooklyn, NY 2009
The Brooklyn Historical Society-Brooklyn, NY 2005
Niagra- New York, NY 2002
RISD Alumni Open Studio Tour- Brooklyn, NY 2001
CBGB’s Gallery- New York, NY 2001
CBGB’s Gallery- New York, NY 2000
Wooster Projects- New York, NY 2000
Brownies- New Yor, NY 1999
Max Fish- New York, NY 1994
Max Fish- New York, NY 1993
Stendhal Gallery- New York, NY 1992
Max Fish- New York, NY 1992
Exploding Sky Gallery-New York, NY 1991
Anarchy Gallery- New York, NY 1990
Exploding Sky Gallery- New York, NY 1990
Woods Gerry Gallery- Providence, Rhode Island 1990
Florence Leif Scholarship Competition- Providence, Rhode Island 1990
St. Joseph’s Hospital- Memphis, TN 1984

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